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Current Metal Prices


What Do We Accept?

If it’s metal, we probably take it!

Raven Scrap Metals pays for non-ferrous scrap metal. We also accept ferrous metals and white goods (stoves, fridges, freezers, etc.) for a fee. See below for fees and payout prices.

The easiest way to determine if your metals are ferrous or not is by placing a magnet on the metal. If it does not stick, the metal is most likely non-ferrous.


Non-ferrous Metals

We purchase the following non-ferrous metals – think ABCs:

Aluminum, brass, copper and stainless steel

We also purchase other items such as lead-acid batteries, Christmas lights, starters, converters, alternators, and more. See the current metal prices for a full list of what we accept.

Metal prices change throughout the year depending on market prices and are charged at the discretion of the attendant. Clean, separated metals will receive a better price per pound.


Current Metal Prices


Ferrous Metals

We also accept ferrous scrap. Tipping fees are charged at the discretion of the attendant.

The standard fee for dropping off ferrous metal is $105/tonne.

Examples of ferrous items we accept include:

Steel, de-polluted vehicle scrap, cast and wrought iron, HMS, bushelings and more.

Call 667-7269 ext. 22 to learn more about what ferrous metals we accept.


White Goods

We accept white goods for recycling but charge a tipping fee for drop-off.

Fees for white goods are as follows:

Items with refrigerant (e.g. Freon) – $35

Items without refrigerant (e.g. Freon) – $12

Other electronic waste and electrical items can be dropped off for free in our E-Waste Collection Depot off Galena Rd.


Hours & Location


Raven Scrap Metals is open 8:30 – 4:00, Monday to Friday.

Please enter through the second gate to the right of our public drop-off on Industrial Road.



Have a question about scrap metals?


phone: 867-667-7269 ext 22


Did you know?

One tonne of electronic scrap from personal computers contains more gold than recovered from 17 tons of gold ore.