Public Drop Off

Public Drop Off

Raven Recycling operates a free public drop off, making it easier than ever to recycle!


What Do We Accept?

We accept the following items at our free public drop off area:

  1. – Corrugated cardboard
  2. – Mixed paper: coloured paper, newsprint, envelopes, magazines, boxboard, Kraft paper, etc.
  3. – White office paper: white letter, computer or copy paper and envelopes
  4. – Tin cans
  5. – Mixed plastics: hard plastic containers, soft plastic packaging, non-refundable tetra-paks (e.g. soup stock)
  6. – Refundable donations: donations of cans, bottles, milk containers and other ready-to-drink beverage containers

Raven recycling also accepts electronic waste (depot off Galena Road) and scrap metal (off Industrial Road).


We DO NOT ACCEPT the following materials:

  1. – Polystyrene foam AKA Styrofoam
  2. – Non-refundable glass jars and containers (e.g. pickle or sauce jars, olive oil bottles, etc.)


Most materials brought to Raven are hand sorted by our team. We do not use large sorting machines, so information about recycling in other areas of Canada do not necessarily apply to what we accept!

For small items (smaller than your hand) please try to keep them in a larger item so that we can recycle every bit you drop off. For example, small pieces of soft plastic could all go into a plastic bag and be recycled together in the “Soft Plastic” bin.


Drop Off Hours

Our drop off area is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.



A Note About Sorting

Recycling is a global industry with volatile markets. To ensure our materials are worth something, we have to sort items properly and keep contamination low.

Before you bring anything to Raven, make sure your materials are rinsed, dry and sorted.

Rinsing dirty containers (they don’t need to sparkle) before recycling, keeping paper clean and dry, and separating different materials (e.g. removing plastic packaging from cardboard boxes) goes a long way in helping Raven continue to recycle as much as possible.



Have an item that you’d like to recycle that isn’t listed?

Unsure if an item is recyclable?

Get in touch at or call 667-7269!


Funding Opportunities

The Yukon Environmental Training Fund supports training, retraining, upgrading and improving of occupational skills of those employed by Yukon’s environmental groups or individuals working on environmental issues in the Yukon.