Bottle Depot

Bottle Depot

What do we accept?

We provide refunds on all ready-to-drink beverage containers sold in Yukon. This includes all beer, wine, liquor, pop, juice* and milk** containers.

Please ensure all containers are empty and clean. Items that are contaminated may have to be thrown out instead of being recycled. No need to sort your containers, we do the sorting for you!

*This includes: juices, soda pops, alcoholic drinks, coffee drinks blended with milk, liquid coffee flavouring, fruit smoothie drinks, drinkable yogurt

**This includes soy, almond, hemp, rice, cashew or coconut milks, milkshake products, liquid dairy or non-dairy creamer, liquid whipping cream


What are my containers worth?

Your refund depends on the size and type of beverage container:

 25¢ refund 5¢ refundall sizes: 5¢ refund

When you purchase a ready-to-serve beverage container in Yukon, you pay a surcharge that includes the refund you will receive if you recycle the container. There are three separate product categories that define the surcharge you pay and the refund you get when you return the empty container to a recycling depot.


Bottle Depot Hours

The depot is open for refunds Monday – Saturday,  9am – 5pm.

*Raven is closed on statutory holidays

For more information on the Yukon Beverage Container Regulation visit Environment Yukon’s Recycling Page.


Have a question about the bottle depot and refunds? Contact or call us at 667-7269!

Did you know?

Raven collected over 6.5 million aluminum cans for recycling in 2017!