Tours & Presentations

Tours and Presentations

Since 1989, education has been a pillar of our organization. Good public education is vital to building a Zero Waste community, that’s why we offer tours and presentations free of charge to anyone interested in learning more about recycling!


Tours of Raven Recycling

We believe the best way for people to understand what we do at Raven is to show them, that’s why we offer¬†tours of Raven Recycling for individuals or groups free of charge.

We encourage anyone interested in learning more about recycling in the Yukon to contact us and set up a tour. Whether it’s a large group or one person, we’re happy to accommodate.


Classroom and workplace presentations

We also provide classroom and workplace presentations free of charge. Want to give your class a presentation on recycling or educate your staff on proper material separation? Get in touch with us to arrange a presentation by one of our staff.

In addition, programming assistance as well as activities to engage and inform students, parents and the general public in a variety of recycling areas are available.



If you would like to know more about our tours, please email

or phone 667-7269 ext. 0


If you’re interested in presentations on Zero Waste principles, contact Zero Waste Yukon’s Program Coordinator at or visit


Raven Scrap Metals

By using ferrous scrap rather than virgin materials in the production of iron and steel, CO2 emissions are reduced by 58%!