Computers for Schools


Computers for Schools Yukon

Computers for Schools Yukon (CFSY) is the Yukon  based branch of Computers for Schools, a federal government-led program that collects, repairs, and refurbishes donated surplus computers from government and private sector sources and distributes them free to schools, non-profit organizations and libraries/museums throughout Canada.

To date CFS has distributed more than 1 500 000 computers nationally!


CFSY’s refurbishment shops are staffed by youth interns, co-op students, and volunteers, including current and retired telecommunications professionals. If you are a youth interested in working with CFSY check out their Technical Work Experience Program page.

Locally, Computers for Schools Yukon is partnered with Raven Recycling Society.


Visit to learn more about donating or receiving computers!



Funding Opportunities

The Yukon Environmental Training Fund supports training, retraining, upgrading and improving of skills for those working with Yukon environmental groups or on environmental issues and activities in Yukon.